Music Madness Mastery

Music Madness Mastery

Practice your way to the top and become a Music Madness Master! Here are all the instructions you need to earn points, gain achievements, and win prizes!

Level Up!

To level up, you must earn practice points. Here are the current ten levels and the points they require, along with the prizes you will earn! To check your score and level, check out the Leaderboard page once you have earned your first points!


How To Earn Points

How To Earn Points

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In addition to leveling up and earning points, you can also earn achievements. You can head over to the achievements page to see what is available and what it takes to earn 1, 2, or 3 stars. For each star you earn, you will earn one “note.” Notes can be used to “buy” things in the Music Madness Store. Click the link to find out more: Music Madness Store.

Your achievements will be listed on your very own page in the achievements section!