This is a collection of online and phone games that you can check out!

Let me know which ones you really like!


  • Treble Cat, Bass Cat, and Rhythm Cat are all at
  • My Singing Monsters and My Singing Monsters 2: Dawn of Fire (watch out for inappropriate ads on these, you can get rid of them by buying something in the game for like 99 cents)


  1. Music Memory Game
  2. Treble Clef Notes Game
  3. Virtual Keyboard 1
  4. Virtual Drum Set
  5. Mission to Magmanon
  6. Isle of Tune  – click here for the one I made!
  7. Tone Matrix at
  8. Audio Tool
  9. Whack-a-note
  10. Drum Machine
  11. Music Family Space Invaders
  12. Mighty Music Man Quiz 1
  13. Mighty Music Man Quiz 2
  14. Mighty Music Man Quiz 3
  15. Instrument Families Football Quiz
  16. A-CHORD-ing to Santa
  17. Fabulous 4’s
  18. Going Nuts Over Time Signs
  19. Santa’s Delivery Music
  20. Note Names Space Invaders
  21. Incredibox
  22. Parrot Phrases
  23. Dango Brothers
  24. Vocal Match
  25. Speaker Chords
  26. Musical Memory Game
  27. Reading Music
  28. Jungle Piano
  29. Electro Cube
  30. Otomata
  31. Online Sequencer