Hand Flexibility and Finger Dexterity for Piano and Guitar players





As a musician, your hands are the most important part of your body when it comes to your instrument (unless you’re a singer, of course!). Because music is not a sport, it may not be immediately obvious that we can do things to make our hands stronger and more flexible. But our fingers, hands, and arms have muscles and tendons that really do affect our ability to play. There are also exercises and stretches you can do either with your instrument or away from your instrument that can help make your hands even better at what they’re trying to do when playing a song. How we use them makes a difference as well – working towards your fingers being relaxed at all times and not moving when they aren’t being used gives your music a better sound and avoids injury.

Here are some links to some exercises you can do to work on strength, flexibility, and control in your fingers. DO NOT practice these exercises for more than five minutes a day, and if something hurts, stop immediately. Talk to me about it in your next lesson before resuming the exercise.

I would encourage you to check out exercises for all instruments, even if you just play one. Some of the exercises explained that are not instrument related are helpful for both piano and guitar.


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