Danielle has been inundated with music madness since birth. Since both her parents were very musical and studied music in college, she began learning to play the piano and sing at a very young age. Guitar and violin also followed. Her parents founded a teaching studio when she was seven years old, and for the rest of her childhood she loved being involved in their recitals, playing piano solos, singing in the choir, and performing with string ensembles and small “rock” bands with other young students. As the years went by, her love for music and her skills grew, and she began her freshman year at the University of Florida majoring in Piano Performance with a Friends of Music scholarship.

However, one day, Danielle’s teacher at UF had a suggestion for her. “You might consider going into Music Education,” he said. Danielle had always planned on teaching at her parent’s music studio when out of college, but she had not felt it was necessary to study education when what she really wanted to do was become highly skilled in piano. However, she soon realized that a degree in Music Education would actually give her the experience in college of learning about all of the instruments – and that sounded like a great idea! After switching majors, it became clear that this really was the better choice. Not only did Danielle learn about the instruments, but she learned about teaching philosophies, child development and learning styles, strategies to use when teaching, and more.

One of Danielle’s favorite things about teaching is helping her students to achieve something they couldn’t do before and to have confidence in themselves because of it. Also, helping them develop a love for music isn’t a bad goal, either. That is where this blog comes in. Anything about music that is helpful, inspiring, educational, or thought provoking can be discussed. It could be instructions on how to have good hand technique, a video of an amazing musical performance, a discussion on how to arrange your own version of a song, and more!

So stay tuned for lots of music madness!


If you are curious to know more about Danielle’s background, here is some of her experience listed:

  • Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Education
  • Earned a Performance Certificate in Piano by giving two solo piano recitals at The University of Florida
  • 12+ years teaching experience in private lessons which include piano, voice, guitar, and violin
  • 23+ years experience playing piano
  • Can play several instruments including piano, guitar, violin, mandolin, clarinet, electric bass guitar
  • Sang in the University Choir at the University of Florida for four semesters and has sung in numerous small choirs and ensembles
  • Has performed in many formal and informal ensembles, including a semester each in the Jacare Brazil ensemble (A UF performance group), the Sunshine Steelers (The UF Steel Drum band), The UF Non-majors concert band, and Piano Duet Class. Other ensembles include string ensembles, one time small ensemble performances consisting of various instruments, performing for three weddings, and over two years performing in a church worship band.
  • Took two classes on piano accompanying and over the past ten years has accompanied many students while singing or playing instruments for recitals, school performances, or MPA-style events.
  • Produced and Directed a small drama and a children’s musical in while in high school.
  • Has composed and arranged music for the past ten years, including the music for a Peter Pan musical and arrangements of songs for her students that are appropriate for their musical level.






















Music Lessons in Gainesville, Florida





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