New Achievement Available! ‘Method Book Song.’

Unlike the other achievements, this one can be earned as many times as you like! Here’s how to do it:


1. Pick a song out of your method book (Alfred Book, All for Strings, or Classical Guitar Method) that we have NEVER played in class.

2. Teach yourself to play the song, making sure you’re playing the correct notes and rhythms!

3. Play the song for your teacher in class. To earn a star, you must be playing with correct notes, rhythms,   and dynamics.

If you play a piece in class but have too many wrong notes and rhythms, you won’t be able to earn a star that day, but you will be able to try again the following week. Your teacher will not be able to give you any hints about what to do differently. The goal of this achievement is to be your own teacher!

Good luck!



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