The Adventures of Ace, Musical Detective.

bass clef treble clef note reading staff fun game music theory
Ace, Musical Detective

Use your knowledge of the notes to crack the code of this musical story!

How it works: Fill in the names of the notes in each box below to spell out the word.Let’s take a look at the section of music labeled “1.” We have three notes, and you need to write down the names of each of these notes and then put them together. Separately they are A, C, and E, but together they spell Ace, which is the name of the detective in this story.

  1. Refer to the chart of lines and spaces for Treble and Bass clef here  to download if you need assistance.

    lines-and-spaces-posterTo use the chart, first identify which clef is in the section you are looking at. Treble clef is squiggly shape on the top, and Bass clef is the curve with two dots on the bottom. These determine which lines and spaces you should look at. Section 1 is Treble clef and the notes are all on spaces, so we need to look at the spaces with the red letters. Notice that from bottom to top, they spell FACE! That’s how we remember those spaces in the Treble Clef. Now, looking back at section 1, notice that the first note is on the second space from the bottom. Come over to this chart and find what note is on the second space. The note you should find is A. The second note is on  the third space, which is is C, and the third note is on the fourth space, which is E.                                                                                        A, C, and E put together spell Ace, which is the name of our musical detective.

    Notice that the other lines and spaces use whole sentences to help you remember their notes. For example, if you have a note that is on the first line of the Bass clef, you’ll find the word “Growling.” That means the note is “G.”

  1.  Click here for a larger version of the story.

  2. For a printable version click here.

Make sure that you use ONLY lowercase letters in the form below.

Good luck! If you need more help understanding how to break the code, don’t hesitate to contact me!


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