Group Classes Information



Starting in February, TBEM will be offering four group classes.

For a class to start, we need a minimum of 5 committed students for that class.

Each class will be taught for 1 hour per week at the studio for approximately a  five month (February-June), and the tuition will be approximately $170 for those five months (about $8.50 a class) for current students taking private lessons and $240 for students not additionally taking private lessons (about $12 a class). The actual tuition amount will vary depending on the start date of the class. The groups will be performing in the June 2017 recitals. The class times currently available will be on Wednesday afternoons and evenings.

*UPDATE* Currently filling a class for 6-9yr olds on Wednesday at 4pm.

Other class days and times may open up depending on interest of students and the availability of the teachers.

Each class will be mixed-instrument. That means we could have a group with two guitars, a piano, and two singers. Or, we could have a drummer, three guitarists, and a violinist. Songs will be arranged to fit that particular ensemble.

No experience is required.

Contact Danielle or Claire for more information.




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